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About Us

Every great design begins with an even better story. - Lorinda Mamo

Trinarc is a creative business design agency that specializes in all your creative needs. What sets us apart from the masses is our exceptional focus on good service as well as our unique offerings to startups and existing businesses. 

We help entrepreneurs develop solid business models and plans for their ideas to come to fruition. Whether you have a business idea or not, why not get in touch and find out how we can help you start you business through our incubation programme?

Our Services

We try to bring a creative edge to the competitive world of business and design through catered packages

Brand & web developement

We offer a wide variety of strategies and branding options that suit our clients needs.


We here at TRINARC believe that good design is of the utmost importance for any succesful business. We aim to bring premium design to all aspects of our services

Business incubation

Starting a business can be tricky. We here at TRINARC are here to take the load off by helping you get on your feet without having to worry about the admin.

Coming soon

TRINARC is always expanding. Our goal is to reach various areas of the market so that we are able to benefit more people.


Coming Soon

We have capable industrial designers on our team that are working hard to bring amazing concepts to life.

Sometimes exploring things that might seem crazy at first turn out to be the best ideas. This is where we will post our process and illustrations.

Product renderings are an important part of our design process as it allows us to preview the product before we manufacture. This is where we will display our top picks from the TRINARC team